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Monday, 24 March 2014

Mercy Johnson Husband's Secret Wife Finally Speaks Out

It is a known fact that Prince Okojie, the man actress Mercy Johnson got married to, has a secret wife who is in Canada trying to take care of their two children alone, since her husband dumped her for the actress. The first wife, Lovely Okojie, has opened up on what how she has been holding up since her husband jumped into the hands of Mercy Johnson in Lagos and they rushed him into marriage.

How are the children doing now?
The children are doing fine. I thank God for them.

How have you been able to cope with the children’s welfare?
Like I said, I thank God. I am coping well.

Is your husband, now married to Mercy Johnson, taking care of the children you have together?
What do you mean? That is my past. Don’t ask me questions about my past. I don’t want to relate with my past. In fact, I don’t know what you are talking about,” and the phone went off.

|| Source close to Lovely revealed to Encomium that she is still very bitter about what happened and how Mercy Johnson used whatever to crash her marriage and snatch her husband, Prince Okojie, from her.

Maheeda Has Finally Done It

This is no longer a child's play as Naija rough girl Maheeda has finally taken it off. Check out the pix below...

...this lady is really out for a mission!

Primate Ayodele's Prophecies for Okonjo-Iweala, Dbanj & Davido

This is one man, just like Prophet TB Joshua, whose prophesies hardly fails, so these guys should take his words seriously for their own good. I urge them not to ignore these words, to avoid stories that touch!

The founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Babatunde Ayodele, have released his prophecies for 2014 and he mentioned specific individuals who must be careful in their dealings and activities this year.

According to Primate Ayodele, below are prophesies on Okonjo-Iweala, D'Banj and Davido...

What will happen to Okonjo-Iweala?

Primate Ayodele said she might bow out of office before the end of this government based on what he saw.

On the Kokomaster D'banj:
Primate Ayodele said he needs to be very careful or he would be defrauded in a big foreign business deal.

On Omo Baba Olowo, Davido:
Primate Ayodele said the young singer needs to be more careful and increase security around himself and his crew as a kidnap attempt is coming his way.

...those who have ears, let them hear!

Missing Malaysian Plane Crashed Into Indian Ocean

TB Joshua was quoted to have said the incident that lead to the missing Malaysian flight MH370 is from human error in the sense that it would have been corrected on the ground at the airport with little patience. That was before the news broke. After the incident, sources sent information to that TB Joshua said the plane was not hijacked, that it was deep inside the sea. Many did not believe.

But after 17 days of rigorous search, Malaysian Prime Minister has confirmed what TB Joshua said:

"It is with deep sadness and regret, I must inform you [that] Flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean."

Already, "pings" have been picked from the jet's black box. May the souls of the passenger rest in peace!

Wealthy Businessman Caught Doing It With Female Student

The man is rich, he flaunts he wealth anyhow and young girls with their big eyes can't say 'No' whenever he is in the mood and invites any of the girls in the area for his randy show. But he ran out of luck recently as he was caught live in the act with a secondary school student doing it by his car on a bush part.

The rich man was given the beaten of his life as those who caught him couldn't understand why he should take a girl as young as this into the bush for his greedy "enjoyment" when her mates were in school. Those who know the man say this is not the first time he would be doing such with young girls...

...the guy is just using his money and businessman status to "fire" young girls anyhow. Na wao!

Friday, 21 March 2014

How This Beautiful Lady Died Just One Month To Her Wedding


Her name is Juliet Igbinoba and she is 29years old. The picture above on the right is she and her fiance, the man she was to get married to next month, but that will no longer be possible. What a terrible tragedy!

Juliet died in a fatal accident on Monday 17th of March along the Lagos-Benin road just one month before her wedding to the love of her life. Their marriage was already fixed for April 19th; invitation cards have been sent out to family and friends and preparation was in top gear.

Unfortunately, Juliet died on her way home to meet her people over her forthcoming wedding...

The late Juliet was a staff of Fouani Nig Limited and an Accounting graduate of Auchi Poly in Edo State.
Her groom-to-be is shocked beyond words at the tragedy that visited him just a month to their wedding and her family members are still finding it hard to believe that Juliet is gone, just like that.

Burial arrangements have already commenced even as those close to her are trying to come to terms with the reality of what has happen to such a beautiful lady. Hmmmm...this life!

Governor Theodore Orji’s secret anointing of successor tears PDP apart.

Reports emanating from Abia State say Governor Theodore Orji may have initiated a crisis in the state Peoples Democratic Party after he allegedly anointed an inexperienced successor much to the displeasure of party big guns who are interested in contesting the 2015 gubernatorial election.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

I Allow My Boyfriend "Finger" Me, Please Am I Still A Virgin?

I am a 23 years old lady and I have vowed not to have séx until after marriage. I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year now and he's been begging me for intimacy. Because of my love for him, I allowed him to just "finger" me recently. But that was all, I didn't allow him to use his "thing" inside me, only his finger.

Please, am I still considered a virgin?

THIS IS SAD: Woman and Her Husband As Immigration Victims

A couple, who were among the injured during last weekend’s Nigeria Immigration Service(NIS) recruitment tragedy, are crying out for help. Mrs Grace Omuagbo and her husband Mr. Timothy Omuagbon, are among the Nigerians who tried to get a job with the Immigration Service during the scam exercise but she is now in the hospital being treated at the emergency ward of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital.

Grace, an Economics graduate of the Delta State University, suffered a broken rib and scapula during the stampede at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, Benin City.

A can was provided to help her drain out blood from her broken rib and she was put on oxygen. "I had broken ribs and a bone in my shoulder. An iron has been fixed in my rib to enable the blood to flow. Doctors said my lungs collapsed"...

Grace said she and her husband received text messages to be at the stadium for the test but were surprised to meet a huge crowd.

“As we were going in, people were struggling to get in, but the door was not wide enough. I fell and was revived. Immigration officials took us to the Central hospital. I could not talk and I was coughing out blood,” she said, adding:

“My husband took me to private hospital from where I was referred here. We were many that Immigration officers took to the hospital. One person died.

“My husband paid the hospital bill. I teach in a private school and earn a little salary. They should help us and give one of us a job. My husband finished from Auchi Polytechnic since 2006.”

The Omuagbons have three children.

Her husband Timothy studied Accountancy at Auchi Federal Polytechnic and worked at a firm before opting to drive taxi because the salary was “little” and was being delayed.

He had bruises all over his body but said he had to be strong to enable him take care of his wife.

“I am 35 years old. At the stadium, the crowd was large. Only one gate was open for the thousands of people who came for the test. We were at the front. I held my wife so that we could be together. Both of us fell and many people fell on us. You can see the bruises all over my body.

“Immigration officers helped me out. My wife was still being trampled when I had to call for help. She was already gone but they poured water on her. Immigration people brought their van and took us to the hospital. They left us there. I saw my wife’s condition and I took her away.

“I have spent over N100,000. I was doing a private job and was being paid N30,000 but the salary was not regular. It was not helping my family, which made me to leave. I was working as a taxi driver before we heard of this recruitment. They should not allow us to die before giving us jobs. They should come to our aid. My wife is lying here at the hospital and there’s nobody to help,” he said.
The minister and the Immigration authority have not said anything about the plight of this suffering couple.

My Mother Lied To About My True Father ––Actor Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is one man who's learned to live a positive life no matter what comes his way and he's succeeding on this path, exceedingly. The guy almost killed himself while he was growing up due to the way and manner his father used to beat him up like a "slave". But he didn't know that the man was just his mother's husband and not necessarily his real father.

His mother is late now and she never told him the truth before departing the world. But 44years old Tyler took a DNA test with his brother recently and the result shows that they are not brothers and that man who almost killed him with serious beatings is not his true father.

Tyler is heart-broken over the discovery. Below is how he's addressing the issue:

"I love my mother to death, but she lied to me. Some of you have secrets that your kids need to know. Let the chips fall where they may. For the peace of that person, let them know."

Of course, he is angry, but he still used his story to teach other women how to relate with their children. While addressing an audience at the Women's Empowerment 2014 event in North Carolina, Tyler said he had always believed that Emmitt Perry, the violent man he grew up with, was his father. But he is not.

Now he's looking for his real father. I just wonder what stopped his mother from telling him the truth. So sad!

PHOTO: See What This Police Officer Is Doing For Madam

Nigeria is a crazy zone: We have crude oil but we can't refine petroleum products for our local consumption in the last 15 years. In 1961, Nigeria was responsible for 42 percent of groundnut export in the whole world, but today Nigeria is not exporting even 5 percent groundnut. In 1999, when Obasanjo came to power, we had just 1,900 megawatts, when he was leaving in 2007, he increased to over 4,000 megawatts, but today, six year after, Nigeria is still battling with the same 4,000 megawatts.

We have close to 400,000 policemen in Nigeria today but the level of insecurity is more dangerous than it was in 2000 when Obasanjo first gave approval for mass recruitment into the police. But how will there be adequate security when our policemen and washing cars for big men and caring market bags for their wives?

...this is certainly not police duties but house boy and house girl work!

B00bs On Display: So This Culture Is Still Going On?

The young Kind of the kingdom of Swaziland is still enjoying himself with this open display. But the issuehere is that his country is now one of the worst in cases of HIV/AIDS in the world. More photos below...

...but should this "culture" that encourages young men to go after ladies recklessly continue?

Southern Kaduna Communities Warn Jonathan He Will Be Voted Out In 2015 For Being Insensitive To Genocide

The masses of troubled Southern Kaduna region in Kaduna will vote out President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 election because of his insensitivity to the killings occurring in the area since 2011, Dr. John Danfulani, a university lecturer, said yesterday in Kaduna.

Danfulani, who addressed a press conference under the banner of Concerned Realists of Southern Kaduna, said 614 people have been killed in 51 attacks since 2011.

“It is apparent that we have been targeted for persecution and extinction by powerful forces and that the Government under Ramalan Yero, Namadi Sambo and Goodluck Jonathan appears unconcerned and or helpless,” he said. “We cannot also be helpless and allow politicians take our existence for granted.

THEREFORE WE will mobilize our people to Vote against RAMALAN YERO, NAMADI SAMBO AND GOODLUCK JONATHAN in 2015 as a protest to their insensitivity to the killings in Southern Kaduna and failure to honour our dead who have been slaughtered under their stewardship.”

The group accused President Jonathan of failing to condemn the recent killing of 119 people in the area by suspected herdsmen, saying Jonathan only sees Southern Kaduna as suppliers of votes and political eunuchs.

“Indeed the deliberate massacre which targets all living creatures and does not exempt infants, pregnant women, aged men and women, and even people living with disabilities with impunity has consumed hundreds of lives, wiped out several communities and is expanding with every attack,” Danfulani said

“For the avoidance of doubt, we are not speaking for the political class of Southern Kaduna or any elitist club but for the indigent, oppressed and the marginalized peoples of Southern Kaduna whose innocent blood has been spilt and is flowing over our empty farmlands that can no longer be cultivated because the farmers that till the soil are all dead.”

The Concerned Realists of Southern Kaduna said that a study they did following the 2011 presidential election crisis showed that there was a lull before there was a sudden eruption of consistent, organized, coordinated, well equipped attacks on carefully selected segments of the communities.
They further stated that so far, there have been 51attacks against the communities with the most recent one in the three villages of Ungwan Gata, Tekum and Me-sankwai in Kaura Local Government. In all the attacks, over 614 persons have been killed, over 1000 houses destroyed and over 1200 people seriously injured.

According to Danfulani, “Our concern is that over and over again, the Government both at the State and Federal levels have either appeared unconcerned or helpless. The primary responsibility of any Government as defined in CAP 2 of the 1999 Constitution makes it impossible for any Government to behave the way our Government has so far treated our situation. All we can deduce from the situation is outright neglect and sheer politicization of the attacks. To us, the killings at our very base of existence simply mean genocide, annihilation, ethnic/religious cleansing, attempted land grabbing and a deliberate program of extinction.”

Stressing that the killings started after the 2011 Presidential Election, he said that hundreds of the people have been maimed and killed, farmlands and harvests destroyed, whole families and communities displaced as erstwhile quiet villages are sacked and made refugees in their homelands as punishment for supporting President Jonathan in the 2011 poll, but that all the governments have shown no sympathy or concern over the gruesome crimes.

“There has not been even a whimper of sympathy from the Presidency; the Vice President has never visited or sent representation to any of the victims in the over 51 times that we have been attacked. Even when he visits Kaduna, he only visits Zaria and remains in Kaduna, receiving big crowds from the North Western States and deliberately turns a blind eye to the single political region that gave him and President Jonathan the highest number of votes in the 2011 election. This is betrayal of trust. He also attends only funerals in Southern Kaduna (funerals of late Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa and late Senator Isaiah Balat).”

He rejected the suggestion that his people are sacrificial lambs who are only for supplying votes, saying it is proof that their rights as Nigerians in need of state protection from all threats to life are no priority to the Government of the day. In that connection, he noted that food security is now a serious issue, arising from the abandoned farm lands and the deliberate destruction of crops and harvested food by the attackers.

The Concerned Realists of Southern Kaduna also had a message for elected representatives of Southern Kaduna origin, warning them that the resolution about future voting of their people is just the beginning.

“We would xray everyone starting from the Senator to the Local Government Chairmen and Councilors. No one should attempt to ask for Votes if he/she cannot present our challenges to the Government he belongs to. We would join hands with the youths and elders of good repute to renew and strengthen our commitment and faith in freeing our communities from extinction.”

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pastor Caught for Defrauding Church Member of N7m In Lagos

Greed and things of the flesh are really controlling some men who call themselves pastors:The Pastor of Christ Citizen Glorious Assembly, Okota, Lagos, Pastor Ikechukwu Ezeiru, has been charged in an Ebute Meta Chief Magistrate’s Court with fraud. He was arraigned on Tuesday for allegedly defrauding a member of his church, Ifeanyi Ohazurume, of N7m.

The police said Pastor Ezeiru collected the money with the claim that he wanted to help Ifeanyi purchase fake auction goods from the Nigerian Customs Service. He didn’t return the money or the goods.
He started "playing" the guy around. It was learnt that the pastor claimed to have given the money to his wife. He wife too claimed she passed the money to someone else....
He was arraigned on three counts of obtaining under false pretences and stealing. The charge reads in part:
“That you, Pastor Ikechukwu Ezeiru, and others at large, sometime in the month of February, 2012, at about 10.00hours at First Bank Plc, Okota branch, Lagos, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did conspire to commit felony to wit: obtaining property by false pretences and stealing.

“That you on the same date, time and place in the aforesaid magisterial district, did obtain the sum of N7m from one Ifeanyi Ohazurume, under the pretext that you are in position to help him buy auction goods from Nigerian Customs Service, a representation you knew to be false.”

The police prosecutor, George Nwosu, who represented the resident prosecutor, DSP Etim Ekankuk, said the offences were punishable under sections 409 and 312 of the Criminal Law of Lagos, Nigeria, 2011.

The Pastor pleaded not guilty to the charge and elected summary trial. The defence counsel, Razak Adeyemi, applied for his bail in liberal terms.

The Chief Magistrate, Mrs Demi Ajayi, adjourned the case to April 16, 2014. Pastor Ezeiru was admitted to bail in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties in like sum.

His church member, Ifeanyi, is said to be in shock as he never believed such act could come from his pastor.

Big Girl Rejects A Man Bcos He Is "Poor"; Now She Wants Him After Knowing He's Rich

Ladies, please stop putting money ahead of everything. Here's the story as shared by Ada Okeke:

My cousin (male) came home last Christmas looking for a wife, I told him about my girlfriend and we agreed to invite her over so that he can see her. At last he liked her, collected her phone number from me.

But here is the deal between me and him, he made it clear to me never to disclose what he does for a living to her now, but rather I should tell her he is a security man living in Mushin. (note: he is a rich business man but he is afraid to disclose his identity now, because according to him, he is looking for a lady that will love him for whom he is and not for what he is).

They met, he told her the same thing. After everything she came to me to know whether it's true, I told her yes but that she should give him a chance, and try to know him very well.

My girlfriend told me she is not interested, that she is not ready for marriage yet...
I tried all my best to convince her but to no avail, I let go! Later he found another lady, paid her bride price last February, they are planning for their traditional marriage soon.

Now, I don't know how my girlfriend ran into him and discovered he is a rich business guy. She called me and gave me the insult of my life. Her reason is that I shouldn't have lied to her in the first place, knowing fully well we are friends... that a friend is not supposed to lie to a friend. Her sisters called me and told me the same thing. But when I tried to explain things, they hung the phone on me.

I am planning to go over to their place today to explain things to her sisters and apologise too, but my own sisters are still with the opinion that I did nothing wrong....

What do you think? Did I do the right or the wrong thing?

Exposed: See What Stella Oduah Is Now Doing With Our Money

Nigeria's immediate past Minister of Aviation, Ms Stella Oduah stole, walks away and now she is building this skyscraper directly opposite Park View Estate main gate on Bourdillon Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. This woman is simply telling all good Nigerians that indeed it pays to steal billions in this Goodluck Jonathan government. There is no punishment for official corruption!

Source: Sahara Reporters

Ladies, What Do You Think About This Dressing?

Very soon, our ladies will be going out without anything in the upper region. Many are already getting their...

....just imagine a matured lady!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

David Mark's Multi-Billion Naira Mansion Exposed, Goes Viral

The is a photo showing the stupendous mansion of President of the Nigerian Senate, Senator David Mark in his hometown, installed with an helipad, with an actual helicopter parked. The multibillion Naira home is fitted with bulletproof windows and door, so that the poor around him can't have access.

Former National President of Nigerian Union of Journalists, Comrade Lanre Ogundipe shared the photo of the Senate President David Mark’s home in Benue State on his Facebook page. The house has a N80 million car parked in the front. Apart from being a Senator, where else does he make money?...

If Nigerians vote these set of people into office again by 2015 then I wont blame them, but gullible Nigerians!

Lagos Big Girl's Nudé Pix Leaks Few Days To Her Wedding

If ladies of nowadays learn to be decent in their dealings, things will be easy for them. But will they listen? This is another casualty of yesterday's stupid coming to hunt today's beautiful expectations. Her boyfriend is not in anyway aware that she used to be a runs girl who send her private photos to men to entice them into doing things with her and paying her for her "service".

The guy proposed marriage to her and their wedding comes in few weeks, when one of his sister's stumbled on a pix that look like her brother's wife-to-be online. At a close look, it was discovered she is the one.

She is now begging the guy to forgive her that it was a mistake. See the photos below...

Her parents too her begging the guy to go on with the marriage. 

PHOTOS: Check Out Genevieve Nnaji's Grown Up Daughter

Her name is Chimebuka but her friends call her Theo. Genevieve Nnaji got pregnant in her teenage age but due to her parent's church policy, she could not abort the pregnancy. Today she is happy that her daughter is now a big girl who is about 20yrs old. See more lovely photos of Genevieve's cute daughter below...

...hopefully, one day we will know the man who gave Genevieve this beautiful girl!

Monday, 17 March 2014

Is Nigeria Now Becoming Ungovernable?

Prelude: In 2002, when INEC denied the registration of some new political parties, late Gani Fawehinmi of the Conscience Party of Nigeria is quoted to have said, "We will make Nigeria ungovernable." INEC budged and his Party got registered. [DailyChampion] It was one of the first popular instances of the use of the “ungovernable” threat.

The Arewa Consultative Forum in 2011 categorically denied that any of its members ever said they would make Nigeria ungovernable. ‘Usual suspect’ General Muhammadu Buhari’s lawyers threatened to sue the President of Nigeria’s spokesperson, Rueben Abati in a letter sent on the 11th of July, 2011 for “inventing libellous” allegations against the person of the ex-President, accusing him of instigating post-election violence.

The letter was sent on behalf of General Buhari by Harrison Ogalagu for his lawyer, Tope Adebayo. The accusations had been made against him in Rueben’s Guardian newspaper publication. [See: Post Election Violence: Buhari Threatens To Sue Reuben Abati For Libel; SaharaReporters, Jul, 17 2011]

The one threat attached to Buhari was his prediction that if the rigging of 2011 repeated itself in 2015, there will be violence in the nation, ala, “the dog and baboon will be soaked in the same blood”...

A crude translation of “kare Jini Biri Jini.” The Northern governors stood by this warning.
[2015: North’s governors back Buhari’s warning; TheNationOnline of May, 18, 2012] A more accurate interpretation of the Hausa adage is: In the hunting game both the hunt dog and the hunted monkey will be in blood.

In my opinion, there has been no credible link of the person of Buhari to actionable threats relating to current state of violence.

After a tiresome, fruitless internet search with no results, I found this question had been asked in April, 2013, on the popular Nigerian forum, Nairaland: ‘"Nigeria Will Be Made Ungovernable" - Who Said It?’ There were only three results in the thread. Two were linked; the first being that of Atiku Abubakar, who was discussing PDP zoning and challenging the PDP presidential primaries system at the time, and was quoted in December 2010 to have referenced a verse from late US President John F Kennedy, “Those who make peaceful change impossible will make violent change inevitable,” and the second was made by an Atiku associate, Alhaji Lawal Kaita, who is quoted to have said, “The North is determined if it happens, to make Nigeria 'ungovernable' for President Jonathan or any other Southerner who finds his way to the seat of power on the platform of the PDP against the principle of the party's zoning policy.”

Malam Adamu Ciroma, 80, also PDP is the third reported to have towed the path and made headlines for recommending the impeachment of acting President Goodluck Jonathan.

In conclusion, from my investigation, it’s pretty much these three northerners that can be cited to have suggested making Nigeria ungovernable, and their statements were in reference to the PDP zoning system which according to them ‘should’ have delivered a northern party contestant to complete late Yar’Adua’s term. Are these the trouble makers and those behind the unrest from the north to the south of the nation? Is it of these three that the crisis Nigeria has faced owes its establishment?

What has the government done in regards to the much referenced threat/excuse that can only be found in these few instances, toward ensuring national sanity, peace and security? If there is any credible link of the few who are believed to have made statements that can and have been associated with political related terror, is it not the responsibility of the government to thoroughly quarantine such suspects? Is it not criminally irresponsible for the government to neither act nor assure the public that no action is necessary, these are not the culprits; than ’benefit’ from a nation in this and all other terror-related instances where the people dying daily believe terror sponsors are the government and their friends and above the law?

Why has this government not arrested a single political terror sponsor? Why did killed Gen. Andrew Azazi accuse the PDP party of being responsible for the terror? What was done about that? What is the security department and the NSA doing? This are/were necessary questions… but now is it already too late for this government?

Nigeria is Ungovernable
TERROR: There is no question, Nigeria is already ungovernable. Few can suggest otherwise. It is no nation where dozens die daily, brutal deaths from all forms of ethnic violence across the states, and where houses and shops are burned in hundreds daily. Nigeria is currently the terror and high-sea piracy capital of the world. Over 15, 000 have died in terror related violence in the last 5 years; more than any equal period since the civil war, and with the upcoming elections the death-rate is expected to catapult. The nation’s security forces are fully occupied and stretched thin guarding the coast and creeks for Pirates, oil bunkerers and illegal refiners, monitoring streets in the South-south and South East for kidnapping.

Fighting Boko Haram in the northeast and warding off marauding Fulani herdsmen, Cattle thieving violent rustlers and anti-Fulani farmer warriors in the Middle Belt. The castrated government has no plan and lacks the ability to resolve the Fulani-farmer crisis for instance that has been killing dozens monthly for years. The Fulani are losing an only profession of centuries. Their transport of thousands of dollars endowment is constantly under threat. Rustlers kill them and steal their entire family inheritance and with urbanization and the rich buying up and fencing much land and little left for pasture, the African herder is under pronounced and deadly threat. Farmers too are threatened as in the competition for dwindling land, nomads trample their farms and destroy their sustenance. There has been no government to arrest and address this serious situation, and evidently the deadly crisis is now out of this government’s control.

CORRUPTION: The nation’s treasury is wide open to administrative thieves; stealing at least a billion of whichever currency they savor every day, 365 days a year. Nigeria is corruption capital of the world. There is no harnessing this anymore. Today, the economy is being run as a dip-in and plunder all you can buffet. Confirming the ungovernability of the nation, there hasn’t been a single arrest of any top government looter despite the unprecedented level of theft of the commonwealth. The government is incapable of making such arrests.

DEFENSE: The defense department recently visibly joined the sequelae of things out-of-control, as the appointment of a new Minister of defense in the person of Lt. Gen Aliyu Mohammed Gusau (rtd) from the previous dictator regimes met stiff ‘opposition and rejection’ at the military level. The Chief of defense staff, rightly in abidance with the constitution, challenged the assumed authority of the President’s chosen Minister, a recycled NSA who was at the head of security affairs of the nation when all forms of terrorism evolved and successfully gained grip of the country. There is no possibility of reconciliation of this quagmire. Military functions on a strict code of respect and authority. Gusau is the minister, but he has been publicly stripped of all respect and authority. Pushed to the wall, the Minister who was chosen to supposedly assist in addressing the terror spate and ‘help win votes,’ was described to have thrown a major puerile tantrum.

DEVELOPMENT: With the degree of looting of the nation’s wealth, development eludes Nigeria. Privatization is the only activity of the government, but many question the credibility and capacity of this government to privatize; describing all privatization events as simply further looting opportunities. People are asking why the Presidency itself is not privatized, if they are so incapable of doing anything. Development is also impossible with stark poverty and the state of insecurity. Only the rich appear to be developing while the poor get poorer, more angry and easy to recruit into terror and criminality. This is why Boko Haram easily takes foot in the northeast and why kidnapping, a most lucrative ‘profession,’ is an official career in the South.

The billion dollar MEND Amnesty programme trained youth have pretty much mostly resorted to either of the more promising ventures: kidnapping, oil bunkering, high sea piracy or armed robbery. In the Boko Haram plagued north, the years of unending terror with the state of emergency, curfews, the fear and deaths have virtually stalled all activity and rewound the hands of the clock. With the middle class wiped out, the rich are now so stupendously wealthy; they all have private jets and move secured in bomb-proof vehicles, miles apart from the poor. The poor are quite like domestic chickens in the yard, dispensable, valueless, their deaths in the prevalent climate of terror, no longer even recorded. Terror is a problem of the poor. But with this situation, development does not exist because there is no meaningful development in a state consummate insecurity.

So What Next?
Desperate politics and misbegotten tribalism pervades and drowns all logical conversation. Every single discussion on the pressing issues, the state of anarchy, the thousands of deaths, the hopelessness, the corruption, the rapaciousness of those in power. Virtually every attempt to analyze and address the critical state of desperation in Nigeria is thwarted fanatically by political activists, many of whom appear as though paid and employed to obscure and discombobulate. There is also an effort to force religious suspiciousness into the mix, though this has largely failed.

Accepted that Nigeria is now ungovernable, and the President is either eating peanuts and being a family man or preoccupied ‘campaigning’ for re-election, what do we do now? What is the end point or new beginning after those who promised it, or those who professed it to actualization have made Nigeria ungovernable so?

We were warned either in actuality or by our repeated unfounded attributions; either way, we all have heard and overheard that ‘Nigeria will be ungovernable.’ Well, now it is. What did we plan to do if and when it became so?

It is interesting and painful to realize that Gen. Buhari warned that Nigeria was already almost ungovernable in 2011 in his post election statement. A necessary read: Statement Of General Muhammadu Buhari Regarding The Verdict Of The Supreme Court On Jonathan's Election; SaharaReporters, Dec. 28, 2011. To think we were already at the nadir, it is a miracle we balanced this long. Those of us still alive, that is. But our less fortunate brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers and our children are now dying too fast, we cannot afford to balance in this blood any longer.

I have pondered this and will briefly summarize my suggestions as I leave it open for us all to decide what we do now that Nigeria has been certified ungovernable for most of the past 3 years.

Can we divide ourselves into regions? Seven, ten or more as needed. Those who wish can take/keep the President and perhaps the oil Minister as their Premiere and deputy respectively. A good leader might have saved Nigeria from this critical need to regionalize in the interest of safety, sanity and mutual respect, but we did not get that in 2011; ethnocentrism and the ‘fear of the north,’ made us choose this last straw and diehard mentee of the morbidly corrupt and inept dictators who got us here.

We are yet unready, it appears to put all tribalism and paranoia aside, along with the old lizards and for our youth to step up, select people upon whom the future can have hope and work with these to forge a path of progress. Perhaps a leader like Madam due process, Obiageli Ezekwesili, who I am currently inclined to support for 2015, or someone you suggest might avert this need. But as unfortunately, the negative effects of $20-127 billion on-the-loose will not allow us see eye-to-eye, is it not time we rescue this ungoverned and ungovernable nation with true Federalism (with the possibility of later smooth disintegration as decided by the people)?

Let each region keep 90% of their resource earnings. The oil money has done nothing for my region. In fact I hate oil. I and my brothers and cousins will be happy if you keep the oil. We have a poverty level of 80% right now, 30 digits below Chad and Mali. Everywhere I turn I see poverty around me. People who really have no shoes, no story; they walk bear-foot or in tattered rubber flip-flop slippers. Without oil, we cannot really get much worse can we? But perhaps we can get better.

My brothers in oily regions need a break where they can assert as much influence on the ownership of the wells and the commodity as they endure the ownership of the pollution and toxicity that has rendered their land worthless and their water cancerous. Like most of the governments before it, this government just does not care. Hopefully, each region can sort itself out and create hope and opportunity for the millions of hopeless and jobless youth, while also being able to at last control and ensure the security, safety and sanctity of life for itself, by itself. No more blaming others or pointing fingers at the top.

At the top, shall we make this a Parliamentary system and have a Prime minister? Hey, perhaps we can retain the current President as a ceremonial President under that re-established Parliamentary system and all his remaining 49,871 fans including Wendell Simlin will be delighted?

It is past time for a serious conversation, no holds barred. Nigeria is ungovernable. What next?

by Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

The Mistakes Ladies Make With Men

Please appreciate the fact that men and women are wired differently. They have different ways of expressing and varying levels of emotional understanding. Avoid making silly mistakes by getting a few simple things right. These are some of the ten most common mistakes women make in a relationship.

1. Too many questions about the past:
The fact that your man is in a relationship with you currently is proof enough that he is in love with you and has already gotten over his past relationships. While it’s good to know a little bit about his past, don’t take the liberty of digging so deep that his wounds freshen up.

2. Visiting his workplace:
This is quite a sensitive issue as most men don’t like their girlfriends dropping in at their workplaces without being told. It is only if you are in a steady relationship from a long time or engaged that you can take the liberty of dropping into your man’s workplace uninformed.

3. Bringing up marriage:

If you have been in a relationship for a long time, it’s but natural that you will talk about marriage and settling down at some point. You may have a conversation about this once but don’t bring up the topic again and again. You will be at a loss if your man gets irritated by the same conversation taking place repetitively. It’s not that men are averse to commitment; it’s just that they take some time in taking these important decisions.

4. Pretending to be someone:
If there is anything that men hate, it is lies and hypocrisy. Many women make the blunder of pretending to be what they are not in reality. For instance, if you don’t like putting on makeup and dressing too much for a party, don’t do it just for him. He will immediately sense your discomfort. He would much rather appreciate and love your honesty and expect you to be what you are.

5. Compare financials:
How would you feel if someone compared your salary figures to that of your contemporaries? Terrible, surely! Although in today’s world, women see themselves as equals to men, men still think of themselves as bread earners of the family. Treat your man with respect irrespective of his earning. Don’t ever make the mistake of comparing his financials with others.

6. Don’t attempt to mend him:
Accept him with all his flaws and abilities. Don’t try and mother him to change his habits according to your needs. Give your man his space and watch how that automatically brings him to you.

7. Giving too much freedom:
If you see your man talking to other women at most of the parties and even going to the extent of flirting with them when you’re around, take that as a warning signal and strike on it as soon as possible but don’t be rude, do it politely and in style. You may be making a terrible mistake by trusting your partner blindly with such behavior.

8. Expecting expression of feelings all the time:
Men are not used to constant expression. For instance, you should expect a compliment from him once in a while but if you start expecting it every day then you are calling for trouble. You have to understand that just because men don’t express the way in which women freely do; it doesn’t mean they don’t love with passion.

9. Talking negatively:
If you bitch about others in front of your man all the time (once in a while is acceptable of course), it will make him feel that someday when you are not together you will talk about him in the same way with other people. Don’t make an impression on him that you are a negative person.

10. Comparing Looks:
Impress your man by showing some confidence about how beautiful and attractive you look. It’s not your outfit but your confidence that attracts your man. In trying to fish for compliments by comparing your physical appearance with other women, you are just making matters worse.

In-addition: Women often commit blunders with men in relationships. It’s a matter of understanding that men have a certain way of dealing with things that is different from women. Once you get this point, you will be much more comfortable and at ease in dealing with the men in your life.


By Greg Ighodaro

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