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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Who Amongst These 3 Male Celebrities Is The Weirdest?

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Nigeria's Entertainment industry has really got characters. As it's with the ladies, so it is with the guys.

Remember some days back we brought you 3 of the weirdest female celebrities, today we are presenting you 3 of Nigeria's weird male celebrities.

The area fada himself, his royal "punk'dness" Charly Boy makes top of the list. He actually is an inspiration to others towing the same path. The son of Justice Oputa at an early age took to weird lifestyle and rode to quick prominence through his father's name. Indeed, It worked greatly for him as he is now known for 2 characters, Charly Boy - The weird, everyday young guy and Charles Oputa, the close to 60 years grand father.

Denrele Edun makes the second on the list. His coming to sound city helped sell his "mad dressing" concept and has since then been an inspiration to his many wannabe fans'. He is currently in Channel O and recently dropped a picture of himself back then in Sound City and now in Channel O, describing his days in soundcity as an hungry man.

Terry G makes the last on the list. According to him, his days as a normal person in the music industry never paid off so he rebranded and choose the crazy lifestyle which he says puts food on the table for him. Self acclaimed 'mad man' has got lots of fans loving him for his 'mad' ways.

Londonders see red over tomatoes

People throw tomatoes during Mission Deli Wraps's re-creation of the famous Spanish tomato-throwing festival, La Tomatina, at Canary Wharf

London has re-created the famous Spanish tomato-throwing festival, La Tomatina.

This year the event in Bunol was ticketed for the very first time. So Brits decided to paint their own town red.

What followed was nothing short of chaos, as Londoners let rip in a fantastically fearsome, feisty fruit fight fully for fun.

Okada Man and 45-yr-old Housewife Caught Making Love in the Bush in Imo State

A mild drama played out in Orlu, Imo State, when a commercial motorcyclist, a father of two (names withheld), was caught pants down making love to a married woman in a lonely bush. While the 45-year-old housewife was making a case of r*pe against the randy motorcyclist, the 30-year-old man insisted that the woman was his concubine. 

Giving account of what transpired to the police, the woman said she engaged the motorcyclist at Orlu to take her to her matrimonial home at Obibi-Ochasi. She said when they got to a solitary area along the route, the man stopped ostensibly to ease himself. She further told the police that while she was waiting for him to finish easing himself, the man emerged and started asking that they sleep together, adding that when she refused the amorous advance, the man grabbed her and forcefully lifted her into the bush. 

The woman equally claimed that the rapist tore her inner wears to shreds, over-powered and r*ped her. In his defence, the man claimed that the woman had been his concubine for years, adding that he had previously had fun with her at different times and places, including the spot where they were caught in the act. He also claimed that he called the woman on her mobile line and asked her to meet him at the agreed spot in Orlu. 

The man also claimed that when they got to the bush, the woman stripped herself n*ked, spread her wrapper on the ground and laid down before he started the act. The randy motorcyclist, however, agreed that along the line there was a minor misunderstanding on the amount he should pay after they had satisfied themselves. While the man claimed that the woman was asking for N500 for the service, he offered N200, which he said was the only money on him at the time. I was equally gathered that plan was in top gear to arraign the alleged rapist in court to face trial.
SOURCE: Vanguard

Friday, 13 September 2013

Stella Damasus Daughter Makes Acting Debut

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The daughter of Nollywood star actress, Stella Damasus has joined her mother in the controversial Nigerian film industry popularly called Nollywood. The young girl recently made her debut in the acting world in a film directed by her mum's alleged lover, Daniel Ademinokan.

Stella announced on twitter a moment ago about this development. She said her daughter starred in her new web series called MixMatch.

The web series was shot in New York, USA and it is based on the lives of members of a biracial family living in New York City.

Actress Rita Dominic In The Street Of New York

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It's definitely the moment of joy for this sexy actress, Rita Dominic as she is enjoying the goodness of God through her acting career.

Rita, the notable thespian was sighted in the street of New York in a dark colour summer dress recently. She was not only looking radiantly beautiful she appeared to be fulfilled.

What else can she ask for? Hmmm, marriage, yes, marriage is the next thing in her diary.

Hope she is giving it a thought!

Is Nollywood Actor Mcsmith Ochendo Getting Married To Two Women?

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Nigerian Actor / Musician “Ochendo” recently displayed some pictures on his Facebook timeline. One of the pictures tagged ‘Jewel of inestimable value. Mrs Jenny Mc smith Ochendo.'

The question many are asking now is, how many people will he displayed as wife under a year?

Hear what he said, ”Her name is Jenny McSmith Ochendo simple. She is from Anambra state. Your guess is as good as mine!!!”

What does this mean? Only him can answer....

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Ochendo’s wife ‘Jenny’


The politics of Rivers State is getting messier. Governor Rotimi Amaechi's convoy was prevented by a team of policemen from using one of the two entrance to the government house.

The Governor's convoy was intercepted by four truck loads of policemen, lead by senior police officers, as it made its way through the Forte road entrance.

The act which lead to an argument between the policemen and Amaechi's aides forced the Governor to alight and he was told they were acting on orders from above and can only reverse on the order if asked to do so by the superiors the order came from in Abuja.

The governor's convoy had to wait for 45 minutes before finally detouring to take the Azikiwe road entrance to to the government house

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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Amputee soldier in Spartan Race

A soldier who lost both his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan made sporting history today when he became the first British double amputee to run a gruelling Spartan Race obstacle event.

Lance Bombardier James Simpson, 27, completed the four-mile course and 25 obstacles in just over four hours. "It could have taken more than 10 hours, it was not the thing I was interested in. I just wanted to get to the end. I am exhausted," he said

He ran in his short prosthetic legs, which he calls "stubbies", tackling obstacles including leaping over flaming logs, scaling 30ft high cargo nets, wading through muddy ditches and tunnel crawls.

His four months of training paid off and thousands of spectators gave him a standing ovation as he crossed the finish line in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

Many able-bodied athletes did not manage to finish the open-country run which involves punishing, surprise obstacles. Everything from mud crawls and ice-pit plunges to cargo-net climbs and fire-log leaps were thrown in the path of the 3,000 runners who completed the course.

L/Bdr Simpson, from Rawdon, near Leeds, said: "I did it because I wanted the challenge. I have never done anything like this before. I knew there would be a sense of achievement and if you train for something, it gives you something to focus on.

"I did not do it to break a record. I did it because I wanted to and hopefully it will encourage more people to do it and more amputees to try it in the future."

He was serving with 5th Regiment, Royal Artillery when he stepped on an improvised explosive device as he returned from a foot patrol in Helmand. He lost both his legs above the knee and damaged both his arms in the blast in November 2009.

He has been training for his debut Spartan Race in woods close to his West Yorkshire home where he has been trying out his different prosthetics with the terrain and obstacles that have to be tackled.

Spartan Race - named after the fearless Ancient Greek warriors - is organising seven races across the UK this summer with an expected 40,000 UK entrants.

Court fines lawyer over his shoes

A lawyer has been fined more than £700 for entering a Romanian court wearing blue suede trainers.

Judge Ioan Adrian Chitoiu gave defence lawyer Catalin Dancu a maximum fine of 5,000 lei for flouting dress regulations and for being late at the trial of five people accused of art theft.

Mr Dancu had a black robe over jeans and the bright blue trainers- triple-stripe models which he said cost £170.

"I am scented, shaved and fresh," he said, explaining he had been delayed in another court. "I am going to contest this fine."

Proceedings were adjourned after Mr Dancu moved for the judge to be suspended, which another court will rule on.

The five defendants are being tried for the theft of seven paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Monet among others which were stolen in October from Rotterdam's Kunsthal gallery.

Pet dogs get flying lessons

Now, for the dog that has everything, flying lessons.

Security checks and bumpy air are all in a day's training at a Hollywood film studio to prepare dogs for a safe and calm flight.

The Air Hollywood class is billed as the first in a real fuselage on a sound stage with a simulator that mimics take-off, turbulence and landing. Hollywood extras create crowds and chaos that come with terminals, luggage carts and the blare announcing arrivals, delays and departures.

The idea was the brainchild of Talaat Captan, president of Air Hollywood, the world's largest aviation-themed film studio, who noticed a dog owner having a hard time getting a pet through airport security.

"The owner was stressed out and the dog was freaking out," Mr Captan said. "I figured, 'Why don't I train those people?'"

He hired his friend and former actress, Megan Blake, to teach the class with three other instructors and her dog Super Smiley. An animal trainer and lifestyle coach, Ms Blake also has a psychology degree from Georgia State University.

With more dogs racking up air miles these days, it makes sense to take obedience school to a new level, said Heidi Heubner, who directs volunteers, including airport therapy dogs, at Los Angeles World Airport.

There are no numbers on how many pets are taking to the skies, but they have become essential parts of a growing number of families and traveling with them for work and play is becoming more common, said Kim Cunningham, a spokesman for the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association.

The class is using the same studio where parts of "Bridesmaids," ''Kill Bill" and 500 other movies were made. Television scenes from "NCIS," ''Modern Family" and "The Newsroom" have also been filmed there.

Last year, Air Hollywood conducted a test class with 60 puppies from Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Thieves steal tortoises from garden

Thieves broke into a garden and stole three tortoises from their enclosure, police said.

One male and two female tortoises were taken from the property in North Cerney in Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershire Police are investigating the theft, which happened between August 26 and 27.

A spokesman said: "The animals were taken from the house on Churnside between 3.30pm on Monday August 26 and 8am on Tuesday August 27.

"Offenders walked into the garden along the driveway. They then removed the one male and two female tortoises from their enclosure and left the garden. The animals are of significant sentimental value to the owner as they were a gift from his late wife."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Gloucestershire Police.

Parasites linked to allergy therapy


Ancient parasites that have plagued the human race throughout its history are being sought by scientists so they can be used to treat allergies.

The intestinal worms and amoeba-like organisms have been our companions since humans and apes separated on the evolutionary path five million years ago.

Experts think the "heirloom" parasites are so wedded to humans that their removal through clean food and hygiene can upset the immune system.

This may result in an untargeted immune response that can trigger allergy conditions such as asthma and eczema, according to the theory.

Scientists hope treatment with harmless parasites, or proteins derived from them, may combat allergies by bringing the immune system back under control.

But first they must know which organisms fall into the heirloom category that infected our most distant ancestors and their ape relatives.

Other parasites known as "souvenirs", acquired more recently as humans spread around the world, are not expected to offer effective therapies.

A study based on archaeological evidence and data from non-human primates such chimpanzees, gorillas and baboons, has singled out 10 heirloom parasites believed to have originated in Africa.

They include malaria - one of the greatest scourges of the developing world - as well the toxoplasmosis parasite spread by cats, and several flukes and worms.

An immune system antibody called immunoglobin E (IgE) that is linked to allergies has evolved specifically to target parasites.

Popular Broadcaster, Dayo Adeneye (D1) In Paternity Scandal...His UK Love Child Expose

There`s definitely a top secret popular broadcaster, Dayo Adeneye a.k.a D1 would not want anybody to know if he has his way but unfortunately the beans has been spilled. The business partner of the famous Kenny Ogungbe of PrimeTime Entertainment fame is sure having sleepless night over his amorous affair with a lady who`s based in the UK.

According to sources, Dayo Adeneye must have bitten more than he can chew as his unguarded extra marital affairs has started to hunt him as plans to get rid of the pregnancy which his UK mistress had for him was abortive leaving D1 at crossroads.

This office gathered reliably that D1 met this Calabar born babe, Susan Ekpe during the 2009 Nottinghill Carnival and the duo has been closely inseparable since then to the extent that D1 found her house in London as second home and was even at his best when Susan came to Nigeria for the first time, learnt he sent his car to pick her at the airport and also spoilt her silly during her stay.

The source who`s close to the lovebirds hinted that the once bubbly Susan is now a sad lady as she now has to nurture and fend, all alone for her almost 2 years old child, a bouncing baby girl who`s D1`s perfect replica.

We were told that, D1 had actually been strict with the use of condom during the constant relationship that lasted almost 4 years until he decided to go it `raw` and feel the natural depth of Susan`s `canal` one fateful evening.

Weeks after, the result came and our dear D1 stood his ground that it must be an abortion, though Susan who`s then in her early 30s tried all she could but unfortunately the baby who`s now named Rebecca refused to be aborted given credence to its Biblical meaning of ~To Bind~, so the baby has forever bind the union.

Rebecca`s mum who works in the UK is sick and tired of everything, according to sources, she`s not asking for too much, not marriage this time but for the broadcaster to take up his responsibility and all this she has tried to pursue in a solemn and subtle way without success.

In our facts finding mission, we tried to get in touch with Dayo Adeneye for his own side of the story, when this office got him, he was so attentive but the moment he heard the name, Susan Ekpe, he quickly cut off the phone, and we however rang him back severally but he ignored the calls. We`re still on the story, we shall give you more as events unfold.

Jite Usman

Culled from National Enquirer Magazine


Scandal: Actress Drags Movie Producer To Court Over N1.7m Fraud

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A Nollywood producer has been dragged to court by an actress over allegation bordering on stealing and fraud. The filmmaker, Uchenna Mbunabo allegedly collected N1.7million from one Maryjane Okoye under the pretence of shooting a film for her but has failed to make do his promise. 

Mbunabo was said to have been given the money since January 2012 at Victoria Garden City, Lagos.

Reading his charge at the Magistrate's Court on Wednesday in Lagos, the prosecutor said, "that you, Uchenna Mbunabo, sometimes in January, 2012, at Victoria Garden City, Ajah, in the Lagos Magisterial District, did with intent to defraud, unlawfully obtain the cash sum of one million seven hundred thousand Naira (N1,700,000) from one Maryjane Okoye, under the pretence that you will produce her movie, a presentation you knew to be false."

Mbunabo pleaded not guilty to the charges read to him. He was granted bail by the Magistrate, Mrs S.K Matepo, in the sum of N500,000 with two sureties each in like sum. The matter was adjourned till October 7, 2013.


A Nigerian lady based in the U.K, Yemisi Ilesanmi, who is an atheist and has been clamouring for the rights of gays in Nigeria, recently in an interview with TELL magazine opened up on her sexuality as a bis3xual and also talked about homos3xuality and its perception here in Nigeria.

Excerpt from the interview,

"Whether Nigerians accept it or not, LGBT rights are recognised human rights. Unless, you can prove that Lesbians, gays, bis3xuals and transs3xuals are not human beings, well, you have no reason to deny them their fundamental human rights.

Unfortunately many Nigerians believe in the concept of sin. First, we must understand that sin is a religious concept. Not every Nigerian is religious. Your religion is also a personal matter, why drag other people into your personal relationship with Jesus, Mohammed or Obatala?

When I am told that homos3xuality is a sin, I just tell them their religion is not my law. The Bible or Quran is not my constitution, so why is that even coming up?

The very first thing we need to understand is that homos3xuality, bis3xuality, as3xuality are all as natural as heteros3xuality. Our s3xual orientation differs; we are born with an innate ability to be emotionally or s3xually attracted or not be s3xually or emotionally attracted to same s3x or opposite s3x.

Unfortunately, many African societies do not provide enabling environments to discuss s3xual orientation. S3xual orientation does not harm anyone. A person who is attracted to opposite s3x does not harm anyone so far it is a consensual adult relationship.

It is absurd when Christian gay bashers gleefully quote Leviticus 18:22 to justify why they want to jail and stone gays. Anyone who wants to quote from Leviticus should at least read the book to make sure they are not guilty of any of the things condemned in the book.

Leviticus also says you should not shave, you should not interact with a woman in her menstrual cycle, thou shall not eat shrimps or shell fish, Lev. 11:10, 11:6-8 thou shall not touch the skin of a dead pig (therefore touching football without wearing gloves makes you unclean!) So, when Christians throw Leviticus at me, I simply throw Leviticus right back in their face.

My immediate family knows my s3xual orientation, my father is late, and my mother is accepting of whom I am and has shown me love and support. To continue to be an important part of my life, you cannot be homophobic, biphobic or transphobic.

My atheism has nothing to do with my bis3xuality. Atheism is simply a non-belief in God. My bis3xuality is my s3xual orientation, no connection. However, I must say, my atheism has helped me to stand up against religious bullies, who use the Bible and the Quran to justify their hate for gays, lesbians, transs3xual and bis3xuals.

Religion carries a lot of unwarranted weight in Nigeria and Africa generally. This should not be so. In fact, this is one reason the African continent is still very backward. When religion carried so much weight in Europe during middle Ages, it was wrought with wars, jihads, killings and ethnic cleansing.

Many religious Africans now use the ‘holy’ books to justify the oppression of members of their own society. Even when the original owners of the religion inform them that the book has been updated and some parts are no longer applicable, Africans still insist that it must be applicable because it says so in the book they were given. How pathetic.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Don Jazzy, P Square, D’Banj tops Forbes richest artistes lists

Channel O and Forbes Africa presents the top 10 most bankable/richest artistes in Africa. This list was put together using factors such as endorsement value, popularity, show rates, Sales, awards, YouTube views, appearance in newspapers, investment, social media presense, Influence and so many other factors. The list shows the African artistes making the most money in Africa.

Check out the top10 list

1. AKON – CEO of Konvict Music, opened doors with other African artiste

2. DON JAZZY – Producer. CEO Mavin Records, MTN, Samsung and Loyal Milk endorsement. D’Banj, Kanye West, Beyonce and Jay Z on production credits.

3. P SQUARE – Music Duo. Featured on Forbes Africa twice, sold out concerts, presidential guest in at least 5 African countries, they fly private jets…

*Peter Okoye, Wizkid, Paul Okoye

4. D’BANJ – Music Artiste. G.O.O.D Music deal, Sony Entertainment deal

5. WIZKID – Music Artiste. EME artiste, Starboy CEO, affiliation with Disturbing London, several international collaborations, highest paid Pepsi ambassador in Africa, ambassador of MTN

6. 2FACE IDIBIA – Music Artiste. 10million CDs and at least 7million digital sales, one campaign… associated with Guinness, Haven Homes, Airtel Worldwide and philantropist – 2face foundation

7. ANSELMO RALPH – Musically Artiste Samsung and Coca Cola ambassador, Perfume line, clothing label, multimillion dollar tour bus, Sony artiste.

8. SARKODIE – Rapper. Youth ambassador Ghana, Sark clothing, Samsung ambassador, fan milk Ghana ambassador.

9. ICE PRINCE – Artiste. Six million downloads, 2 studio owner, one foundation member, Plug N Play ambassador, Zamani foundation.

10. BANKY W – Artiste. Co owner EME, Samsung Ambassador, Philanthropist, multiple award winner.

The woman who eats dog food for a living: Female taster gives dogs' dinners the 'human grade' seal of approval

  • Lucy Postins samples every ingredient that goes into the gourmet dog food
  • She also tries the finished product to ensure it tastes 'just right'
  • Her company is the first pet food maker to achieve a 'human grade' rating

'But so many people are becoming educated on conventional pet food ingredients and production that they want to make a move away from that.

Gourmet: The food's ingredients include free range chicken, ranch-raised beef and sweet potatoes to eggs, bananas and even dandelion greens

Lucy, 38, insists on all the recipes being made in a human food facility instead of a pet food rendering plant, and then tests for the likes of flavour, aroma and colour which is an indication of freshness

'By actually tasting the food ourselves I think it's a sound way of walking our own talk and helping to assure people we actually mean what we say about product integrity and quality.

'Some of my friends think it's an odd thing to do but most of them have pets they love as much as - or in some cases maybe even more than - their own children so can see where I'm coming from.

'A recent 2013 survey showed 74 percent of customers saw an improvement in the well-being and energy levels of their pets from eating the products.

'And 70 per cent saw an improvement in their pet's skin and coat while 60 per cent noticed an improvement in their pets' weight

It's definitely a dog's life for taste tester Lucy Postins after landing a job sampling bowls of pet food, but at least she is guaranteed strong teeth and a nice shiny coat.

While the mere thought of eating dog food is enough to turn most people's stomachs, Ms Postins, originally from the UK but now based in San Diego, USA, says she absolutely loves her job.

Ms Postins, 38, not only samples every individual ingredient that goes into the food but even chows down on the final product - to make sure it tastes just right.

Working like a dog: Lucy Postins and a co-worker sample a new blend of dog food
Ms Postins insists on all the recipes being made in a human food facility instead of a pet food rendering plant, and then tests for the likes of flavour, aroma and colour which is an indication of freshness.
Her company The Honest Kitchen was the first pet food manufacturer to achieve a 'human grade' rating from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) which means the final product is legally allowed to be described as 'human grade' on the product labels.
This is because the ingredients are sourced directly from the human food chain and production takes place alongside 'people foods'.

Treats: Human taste tester Lucy Postins, not only samples every individual ingredient that goes into the pet food but even tries the final product too

Teamwork: Ms Postins is both the human taste tester and CEO of pet food company The Honest Kitchen - the first pet food manufacturer to achieve a human grade rating from the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)
Lucy, who studied in Warwickshire, believes that by producing pet food in this way animals receive stacks of health benefits including improvements to their skin, fur and general immunity.

The dog food - which includes everything from free range chicken, ranch-raised beef and sweet potatoes to eggs, bananas and even dandelion greens - is carefully blended before being mixed with water by the buyer to help bring the mixture together.
CEO Lucy, whose family includes two pet Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a Pug in San Diego in California, USA, said: 'There are a lot of people who think their pets are inferior and don't deserve quality food.


According to a report in UK’s Guardian Newspaper today, Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua’s popularity exceeds even that of famous London landmarks Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.

According to the report by The Guardian’s West African correspondent Monica Mark, “In Africa's largest metropolis, the district of Ikotun Egbe has turned into a boom town. The draw? Temitope Balogun Joshua, one of Nigeria's richest "super-pastors", whose church attracts 50,000 worshippers weekly – more than the combined number of visitors to Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London.”

The article titled, ‘Lagos businesses cash in on lure of super-pastor TB Joshua,’ chronicles the enterprising antics of local businessmen and hoteliers who are utilising Joshua’s popularity and the scores of foreign worshippers flocking weekly to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN).

According to the Guardian, “Sparkling new hotels rise incongruously among the shacks. At one, a new chef has recently been employed. ‘He can cook food from Singapore, because we were having a lot of guests from there who struggle with Nigerian food,’ says the manager, Ruky, at a reception desk framed by pictures of Joshua.”

Last month, Nigeria’s Punch Newspaper similarly reported the rise in business around Ikotun-Egbe, courtesy of The SCOAN’s unique services. The article, titled, ‘TB Joshua’s neighbours convert homes to hotels’, explained how homeowners close to the church were leaving the vicinity in droves to live elsewhere while renting out their houses to foreign visitors. According to the reports, international calling centres with foreign visitor discounts are also doing a roaring trade, alongside plastic chair rentals that cater for church overspill.

The SCOAN has been hailed for its impact on Nigerian tourism, recent statistics from the Nigerian Immigration Service revealing that out of every ten foreign travellers coming into Nigeria, six of them are bound for The SCOAN.

The Guardian UK


Weeks after news made round that the fair skinned nollywood thespian Benita Nzeribe said she can get married to any man even if he's a truckpusher, she has come out to debunk the news, saying its all blackmail.

In a telephone chat with Reginald Chukwu of, the actress denied ever saying such a thing and that the person who reported the news has come out publicly to plead with her.

''How could I say such a thing, for crying out loud, nobody wants to be associated with poverty. I only said material possession shouldn't be the major reason one should be attracted to a man, that what the man has got inside of him matters.

''In other words, a man who has a bright future and a direction and knows where he is heading to is not bad getting married to, which was the answer I gave to the question in the interview, but unfortunately a journalist looking for a cheap publicity turned it around.

"The same person who reported the news, I thank God saw me glittering in an event and knelt down pleading with me to forgive him for writing the false news."

The actress who's been busy with a whole lot of activities up her sleeves, because of the incidence, also threatened not to grant press
interviews anymore.

How Father's Death Forced Ronke Oshodi Oke To Return To Nigeria

For many months after her childbirth in the United States of America (USA), popular Yoruba actress, Ronke Ojo well known as Ronke Oshodi Oke, remained in the Barak Obama led country. It was almost being speculated by some mischief makers that she was stranded in America, which was why she couldn't return to Nigeria to let her husband to see his child.

But we have now found out why after many months away in America, Ronke decided to bring her baby to Nigeria for her hubby to see.

We reliably gathered that while the well-endowed actress was in America, her father reportedly fell sick. Two days later, he died. The news got to her, she was devastated by it and was left with no other option than to rush to Nigeria to see to the burial arrangements of her late dad.

Ronke Oshodi Oke, as we learnt, would not have returned earlier than she did if not for the unfortunate incident.

Dino Melaye May Accepts Bisi Ibidapo-Obey’s Child Paternal Responsibility

It was reported last week that the former law maker, Hon. Dino Melaye has accepted the paternal responsibility for the controversial baby, Bisi Ibidapo-Obey had for him some months back.

News reaching us has it that Bisi was said to have revealed to a few friends at a recent event that the dude has been sending emissaries to plead on his behalf and that he is said to be ready to accept the paternity of the product of their liaison, a baby girl whose semblance to the former House of Reps member is best described as strikingly unmistakable with Melaye.

Bisi, the sultry actress, who is set to embark on a tour by the time you finish reading this, though refused to comment on the said development, however, the man at the centre of the whole issue, Dino, according to his close friends, has rescinded his earlier declaration and is ready to accept the baby after six months.

Time to give up monogamy? Women could improve the 'quality of their offspring by having multiple partners', claims study

  • Experts from four universities studied an ancestor of the chicken to find mating with different males helped females produce healthier offspring
  • They this is because of 'cryptic female choice' where an internal mechanism in the reproductive tract favours the sperm from genetically different males
  • A scientist from the University of East Anglia believes the findings could be applied to other animals, including humans

Women could improve the quality of their offspring by mating with multiple partners, researchers have said.
Experts from four universities examined the behaviour of an ancestor of the domestic chicken and found that mating with different males helped females produce offspring that are more resistant to disease.
The findings could be applied to other animals - including humans, they claim.
Women could improve the quality of their offspring by mating with multiple partners, experts claim. They found an ancestor of the chicken mating with different males helped females produce offspring more resistant to disease and claim the findings could be applied to other animals including humans
Professor David S Richardson, from the University of East Anglia, said: 'Our research has shown that females don’t need to choose between males to produce the most healthy offspring.

'Rather by mating with multiple males, they allow their internal choice mechanism to favour the most genetically different sperm.
'This could be the case in other animals - including humans, however the practicality of testing this in mammals would be very difficult, and obviously impossible in humans for ethical reasons.'

Researchers studied red junglefowl using both natural matings and artificial insemination in a project with the University of Oxford, Stockholm University and Linkoping University.

Professor David S Richardson, from the University of East Anglia, explained the research has shown that females don't need to choose between males to produce the most healthy offspring. Rather by mating with multiple males, they allow their internal choice mechanism to favour the most genetically different sperm
They claim the effect is down to 'cryptic female choice' where an internal mechanism in the reproductive tract favours the sperm from males that are most genetically different to them. 

By increasing the diversity of particular genes, which help detect and fight infections, female birds can provide their offspring with better disease resistance.

Researchers also claim that signals given off by the male, such as odour, could help the female subconsciously choose the best father.

The findings could be important for animal breeders and conservation projects because they show that allowing multiple matings will produce the most disease resistant and genetically healthy offspring.

The findings of the study could be important for animal breeders and conservation projects because they show that allowing multiple matings will produce the most disease resistant and genetically healthy offspring. Ancestors of modern chickens were studied

'To optimise the quality of offspring produced in breeding programmes we may need to make sure that females mate with multiple males and that they avoid artificial insemination, which could lead to the genetic health of bred stocks being weaker,' Professor Richardson said.

'Many breeding programmes for livestock and conservation use artificial insemination. But our research suggests that this may not produce the best quality offspring.

'This is because the effect appears to require the subconscious female assessment of the male by some cue during actual mating.

'So having correct cues during mating, perhaps the smell of the male, can affect a females’ chances of being fertilised. And the cues from different males may not work equally well on different females. This is something that needs to be explored further in various animals including humans.'