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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

There's no such thing as a perfect vagina

This reader thinks every woman should make peace with her lady-bits.
Lately is seems like everyone is obsessed with a topic which most women have probably wondered or even worried about at some stage in their lives: The appearance of the vagina.

I am sure that all women have experienced that moment when you catch a glimpse of your bits in a mirror and think “I wonder if this is what a vagina is supposed to look like”.

This is, actually, a completely irrational thought. First of all, genitalia is odd looking. Whether it’s a penis or a vajayjay, they are proof that God has a sense of humour and he used it when creating our nether regions.

Secondly, there is no such thing as the perfect vagina. I can’t even imagine how you would go about deciding what the criteria for the ideal vagina would be. A discussion about the appropriate amount of pubic hair alone would probably take months. Not to mention the proportions of all the other bits and pieces.

I only recently made my peace with the way my lady garden looks. I used to do ballet and swimming and both sports forced me to make sure there were no peek-a-boo pubes when I put on my leotard or swimsuit. When I went to high school I went for annual bikini waxes at the beginning of summer but only removed the minimum amount of hair.

An unfortunate incident involving some poorly applied hair removal cream led to my first full-on confrontation with my vagina. I got carried away and accidentally removed all but a tiny tuft of hair and suddenly saw what it really looked like down there for the first time.

I was completely horrified. I was convinced that my labia minora was way too big and the labia majora not plump enough. Needless to say, I avoided looking at it until the hair grew back and did not allow anyone else to see it either.

These days, however, I frequently go for full bikini waxes and love how it looks. To me, it’s not a way of modifying my vagina, but rather a celebration of it. I no longer try to hide it behind hair the way you would try to hide an odd-looking house behind a pretty garden. It has helped me to accept a very intimate part of my anatomy.

That being said, I do believe that people who would resort to cosmetic surgery to permanently alter the way their bits look are out of their damn minds. Why would you allow someone to operate on you unless it is necessary? Sure, some women have real vaginal health issues like involuntarily urinating that needs to be fixed. But trying to nip and tuck your way to the supposed ultimate vagina? Please.

Vaginas come in different shapes, sizes and colours. And thank goodness they do, because being a woman would be a lot less interesting if we all looked the same down below.

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