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Friday, 16 August 2013

Man And Woman Forced To Have S£x In Public By Angry Mob In Port Harcourt (VIDEO + PICS)

Its really sad that jungle justice still happens in Nigeria after all the growth and development we have had over the years. And the funny thing is that, it usually happens mostly in Port Harcourt or Delta State.
I just want to bring this to your notice, the video might be a form of jungle justice which some people may not like to watch, but i just had to share it so you see some of the barbaric act going on here.

The woman in the video is a cheating wife who allegedly was caught red handed with the man in the video, although the husband was not shown in the video, he happened to be very pissed and walked away to throw away her things from the house, and left the community people to treat the man and woman they way they pleased, I know without a video their wont be any evidence of what am saying, but I luckily contacted a friend of mine who was there when the whole thing happened, you can watch the video below, but it is very disturbing so take note. The incident actually happened in the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.
Do you think the couple deserved that punishment, or is this a case of two wrongs not making a right.

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