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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Fellow Nigerians,

Fellow Nigerians

I am induced by my conscience to ask these salient questions. Fantastic prizes await those who have memory of past events in the country.

1. Who among these people has ever planned a coup in Nigeria?
(a)Zik (b) Shagari (c) Fawehinmi (d) Obasanjo

2. Who among these conducted the most dubious elections in Nigeria?
(a)Obasanjo (b) Goodluck (C) Zik (d)Ahmadu Bello

3. Who declared the seat of an elected vice-president vacant?
(a) Shagari (b) Zik (c) Obasanjo (d) none of the above.

4. Who wrote: “dogs and journalist are not allowed” on the gate of his house?
(a) Obasanjo (b) Goodluck(c) Aguiyi-Ironsi (d) Goodluck Jonathan

5. Which leader gave away Bakassi peninsula without a national referendum or conference?
(a) Gowon (b) Babangida (c) Abacha) (d) Obasanjo
6. Which leader ordered the massacre of civilians in Zaki Biam and Odi ?
(a) Obasanjo (b) Abacha (c) Goodluck (d) Shonekan
7. Which leader looted money meant for our hospitals with his daughter?
(a) Shagari (b)Obasanjo (c) Abdulsalami (d) Goodluck
8. Which leader was accused of sleeping with his son’s wife?
(a) Goodluck (b) Buhari (c) Abdulsalami (d) Obasanjo
9. Whose administration witnessed the highest rate of political assassination, including that of an Attorney-general, several election candidates, yet nobody was held guilty?
(a)Goodluck (b)Abdulsalami (c) Shagari (d) Obasanjo
10. In whose administration did a prisoner win a senatorial seat from his prison cell?
(a)Obasanjo (b) Goodluck (c) Abacha (d) Buhari
11. In whose tenure was a serving governor kidnapped by the president’s foot-soldiers and burnt Government House and yet nothing was done? (a) Zik (b) Goodluck (c) Obasanjo (d) Yar’Adua
12. In whose tenure did we have the worst senate, when senate presidents were changed like clothes?
(a) Obasanjo (b) Goodluck (c)Shagari (d) Zik
13. Which leader sold our assets to cronies at ridiculous prices in the name of privatization?
(a) Abacha (b) Goodluck(c) all of the above (d) none of the above
14. Chinua Achebe rejected award of national honour from ……….. because he was corrupt?
(a) Goodluck (b) Shagari (c) Buhari (d) Obasanjo
15. Which former president recently accused Jonathan of being corrupt?
(a) Obasanjo (b) Gowon (c) Shagari (d) Buhari

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