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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Case Of Madam Dora Akunyili

AKUNYILI AND THE CONFAB: Friends, family and relatives of Dora Akunyili should pressurize her to withdraw from the National Conference and proceed to observe a well deserved rest and recuperation. Yes, her presence at the Confab will make a significant difference but we love and prefer her alive as a monumental inspiration as regards courageous leadership. Yar'Adua's case is still fresh in our memory.

I can't believe that Dora's husband, her son Edozie and the rest of her family subscribed to her joining the conference that many predict would be stormy. I don't want to believe that the family has gone broke since it's obvious that their matriarch never stole from government coffers while in office. The 12 million naira remuneration should not be an alibi to further stress this woman of impeccable character and integrity with Nigeria's hydra-headed woes.

Akunyili should have clearly avoided the murky waters of Anambra politics bearing in mind that the inherent rascality and intrigues may overwhelm thorough bred professionals. Most women in full time active politics are also known to compromise their reputation. Dora is simply not that type...

President Jonathan shares part of the blame for not physically meeting the delegates before appointing them to the Confab. It is obvious that our elders at the conference did not undergo health checkup and scrutiny to ascertain their state of physical and mental well being. The Federal government should as a matter of urgency conduct medical checkup for all delegates and send our dear former NAFDAC DG to the best hospital in the world for proper medical attention. Dora deserves this kind gesture. Who knows how much finances she has expended on this ailment that emaciated her?

I was shocked when I saw her recent photographs in the social media. She deserves comprehensive treatment abroad being that our doctors here are mostly quacks and mediocre. Other ailing delegates should return home immediately. We still need them alive to offer valuable advice at this time. The Federal government should be held responsible for any emergency at the Confab.

12 million naira is not enough to lose one's precious life. Dora the amazon of our time has nothing to prove any more. Its time to replace frail and ailing delegates at the Confab with vibrant, energetic and intellectually sound youths.

I wish this woman of excellence a speedy recovery but she must go home and attend to her health.

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