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Monday, 19 August 2013

My Oga At The Top Saga: Channels TV's Gains And Pains [VIDEO]

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It may surprise many that the highly commercialised lyrics, "Oga At The Top", grammatical blunder committed months ago on a national tv, Channels, by the Nigeria Security and Civil defence Corp, shem Obafiaye is taking another tune.Read It HERE

Unarguably, Channels Tv gained a lot of popularity accrued to them on social media and other online news portals; however, the station now groans in pain as some guests are declining their invitation so as not to go the Obafiaye's way.

Interestingly, months after the grammatical blunder 'My oga at the top' by Shem, he has, for the first time since the ugly incident, granted a national daily an interview on the pain and the gain behind the grammatical blunder which has brought him fame and has fast become a comic phrase for comedians, social media and even clothe lines as it has been used to brand T-Shirts; produce video games and so many other stuffs.

In the interview he debunked the news of not knowing the name of his boss, which lead to him being refered to as 'My oga at the top' and the organisation's website by claiming that, 'I was only being careful with words as a security officer. We apply caution in all that we say and do. It was a live programme, the whole world was watching us, so, I did not want to be too free.''

Asked if the interview made or marred his career, he said, 'In the history of humanity, there had never been any human being that had instant fame like I did especially in a case that was meant to end negatively. My brother-in-law in london is even so excited about the incident that he promised to assist me make big money out of this supposed mess.

He had already handed the matter to an agency over there to trade mark 'My oga at the top' but I just asked him to forget it, there's no need for that.'' He further stated that Channels Television apologised to him some days after the incidence.

I guess I hear you sey 'E no easy to be popular' like a line in one of Lord of Ajasa's songs says. The fame and brand it takes many couple of years to achieve, the 'My oga at the top' crooner did by just goofing on a National TV. If I were him I would allow the registration of the phrase as a trademark so as to make everyone commercialising it accountable to me.

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