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Monday, 19 August 2013

Working away from home boosts sex life: Couples who spend at least one night apart a month 'have more sex with their partner'

Scottish lovers are the friskiest while Manchester residents are the least
More than half of couples find living apart then being reunited a turn-on
Absence really does make the heart grow fonder, as new research reveals Brits who work away from home actually have more sex with their partner.

Couples who spend at least one night a month working away from home have a hotter sex life than those who share a bed every night, the study found.

Seven out of 10 couples get frisky the night before one of them leaves on business and again when they get back (67 per cent).

Romantic: Having a reunion after time apart can reinvigorate relationships, a survey reveals
More than half find being torn away from their lover and then reunited a turn-on (54 per cent), the study of 2,007 couples reveals.
Eight out of 10 workers confess being away from the stresses and strains of home makes them more likely to get it on.
And one in four admit they’re more likely to be in the mood because they have more energy after a night in bed alone.
Couples who spend one to two nights away a month have sex 110 times.
That’s nearly twice as much as those who stay away separately less than 12 times per year (average 56 times).
A night away together also boosts the chances of romance, according to the report by boutique serviced apartments collection Blue Rainbow Aparthotels.
Couples are nine times more likely to get intimate between the sheets when they’re away from home as they feel more relaxed, it shows (88 per cent).

Kim McAllister, 29, a dental nurse from Penicuik, Scotland, said: 'My fiance is a recruitment consultant, so he spends one or two nights away every month.
'I’m always sad to see him go, so we usually make love before he goes away.
'Then I’m so refreshed when he gets back that I’m fired up and ready for more when he gets home.'

Not so happy families: Sharing a bed every night does not necessarily mean that you will have more sex with your partner
Scottish lovers were the friskiest - seven out of 10 always get passionate to welcome their partner home (76 per cent).

Manchester residents are less amorous, with only a third always having sex when reunited (33 per cent).
Will Hannah, managing director of Blue Rainbow Aparthotels, said: “We’re over the moon that the environment in our serviced apartments makes our guests feel relaxed.
'If that means the end result is they get amorous when they return home, then that’s an added bonus.

'It’s only natural for lovers to behave in this way when faced with separation, so we’re glad we’re able to help spread the love.'

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