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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Who Amongst These 3 Male Celebrities Is The Weirdest?

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Nigeria's Entertainment industry has really got characters. As it's with the ladies, so it is with the guys.

Remember some days back we brought you 3 of the weirdest female celebrities, today we are presenting you 3 of Nigeria's weird male celebrities.

The area fada himself, his royal "punk'dness" Charly Boy makes top of the list. He actually is an inspiration to others towing the same path. The son of Justice Oputa at an early age took to weird lifestyle and rode to quick prominence through his father's name. Indeed, It worked greatly for him as he is now known for 2 characters, Charly Boy - The weird, everyday young guy and Charles Oputa, the close to 60 years grand father.

Denrele Edun makes the second on the list. His coming to sound city helped sell his "mad dressing" concept and has since then been an inspiration to his many wannabe fans'. He is currently in Channel O and recently dropped a picture of himself back then in Sound City and now in Channel O, describing his days in soundcity as an hungry man.

Terry G makes the last on the list. According to him, his days as a normal person in the music industry never paid off so he rebranded and choose the crazy lifestyle which he says puts food on the table for him. Self acclaimed 'mad man' has got lots of fans loving him for his 'mad' ways.

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