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Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Weeks after news made round that the fair skinned nollywood thespian Benita Nzeribe said she can get married to any man even if he's a truckpusher, she has come out to debunk the news, saying its all blackmail.

In a telephone chat with Reginald Chukwu of, the actress denied ever saying such a thing and that the person who reported the news has come out publicly to plead with her.

''How could I say such a thing, for crying out loud, nobody wants to be associated with poverty. I only said material possession shouldn't be the major reason one should be attracted to a man, that what the man has got inside of him matters.

''In other words, a man who has a bright future and a direction and knows where he is heading to is not bad getting married to, which was the answer I gave to the question in the interview, but unfortunately a journalist looking for a cheap publicity turned it around.

"The same person who reported the news, I thank God saw me glittering in an event and knelt down pleading with me to forgive him for writing the false news."

The actress who's been busy with a whole lot of activities up her sleeves, because of the incidence, also threatened not to grant press
interviews anymore.

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