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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Gov. Okorocha's Deal With Nollywood Actresses, Appoints Shirley Igwe Principal Protocol Officer

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Shirley Igwe

A lot of people in Imo State can not phantom the motive behind using Nollywood beautiful actresses as SAs, Liaison Officers etc.

Remember, the beautiful actress, Nkiru Silvanus who was used and later dumped by the rich politician, Governor Rochas Okorocha from his cabinet as the Senior Special Adviser on Liaison Matters, well now, we learnt, he has just jumped to another pretty actress, Shirley Igwe, the former Delta Soap model, as his Principal Protocol Ofiicer.

The fast rising actress' appointment involves that she would be coordinating the governor's daily itinerary, ensuring his comfort and that of his visitors every day. (This simply mean, they have to be together all the time, action governor!)

The so-called governors are really not employing brains but beauties as PAs, SAs et all. I wonder if men don't fit-in in such positions

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