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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Man Catches Wife Pants Down With Their Livestock Caretaker

Man Catches Wife Pants Down With Their Livestock Caretaker
Zimbabwe: A 24-year-old Inyathi man employed as a livestock stock minder apparently forgot his duties of ‘only’ minding his employer’s cows instead lost his way into the paymaster’s wife’s pants.

The livestock caretaker, Lingane Moyo, was allegedly caught red-handed having a bedroom lesson with Sandra Ndlovu (26) last Tuesday.

It is reported that Jeffrey Mlotshwa was supposed to go to Bulawayo on work purposes but the journey was cancelled and on his arrival home he caught them in the act.

Lucky enough for the offender, he managed to escape and up to now “no one knows his whereabouts”.

Mlotshwa (29) who married Ndlovu, through a customary arrangement in November last year, told B-Metro that he wanted out of the marriage because his wife had betrayed his trust.

“A good wife is measured by the type of respect she shows to her husband and how she takes care of her husband. My wife has failed to measure up hence my decision to part ways with her. You may think I am over reacting and I must forgive my wife but enough is enough,” said Mlotshwa.

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