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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Pix Leaks: Pastor's Girlfriend Exposed online, She's A Prostituté

Rough things are happening in Nigeria. This time it is a big girl that decided to expose her friend for snatching her lover, a Pastor, from her. According to the story, the ladies are from Owerri and they lived together, doing dirty runs to make money until the pastor (name withheld) met one of them and started a relationship.

When the pastor met the second lady, identified as Ngozi, he kind of love her more than the first girl because she is "well endowed" in the front area. But the pastor didn't know they are friends. He just left the first girl and now he wants to marry Ngozi. The friend got mad and exposed Ngozi. See things below...

If you are a young person, please don't click the LINKS:

PHOTO2 = Not good at all
PHOTO7 = Not good at all
PHOTO8 = Not good at all

I just wonder why the lady couldn't talk to the said pastor rather than do this to her friend, Ngozi. Really sad!

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