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Monday, 28 April 2014

SEE why Some Ladies Are Cheap & Have More Séxual Partners

Nothing happens for nothing these days. When you see ladies who can't seem to keep their legs close and are in a hurry to open up for any man that come there way, something is responsible. But what is that thing?

According to a new controversial study, it has revealed what the most feminine party of your body tells about your personality and why hips don’t lie. To understand if the diameter of the woman’s hips reflects her nature and relationships with the men, the British scientists offered 148 women to participate in their research.

All of the women had at least one séxual partner. And they give answers to sensitive questions such as:

The age at which they lost their vir'ginity;
The number of séxual partners they had had;
Emotional significance of séxual relationships they had had;
Then their body parameters were measured: hip circumference at the widest point and the waist circumference at its narrowest point. Hips wider than 36 centimetres were classified as wide, while hips below 31 centimetres as small.

Funny enough, the study has found that women with wide hips are more likely to have one-night stands and more séxual partners in general. And the wider the hips are, the more one-night stands a woman had.

According to researches, such a phenomenon can be explained from the biological point of view, as the birth process for such women is generally easier and less traumatic than for the smaller-hipped. Whilst women with smaller hips psychologically programmed to avoid any potential fatal childbirth-related injury they largely eschew impermanent séxual contacts.

This latest research is published in the Archives of Séxual Behaviour and many observers are saying it's true.

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