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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Big Man Dies While "Doing" A Female Student Inside Her Hostel

We are sure living in strange times and caution is the only way out. As you read this, a rich man who drove his car to his girlfriend's hostel room in Ebonyi State University, has died during a marathon séx with her.

Sources at the hostel, where the incident occurred, said the man died in the day time inside the room of the said female student located at Goddy Ogbaga Avenue while they were in action.

A lady who also lives in the hostel, said: “The incident threw the entire hostel residents into confusion as everybody began to run helter-skelter to evade police arrest. Some of the hostel residents have been arrested by police.
“I did not know what was happening until when police stormed our hostel and began to arrest everybody on sight. But from what I heard the man visited the girl and in the process of making love, he died.“I cannot say for sure if the man was a mere acquaintance to the girl or not. All I can say for sure is that I have not been seeing the man visiting the girl in the past.

“I don’t know the girl very well because our hostel is very large. It is a three-storey building and many students are living there. I do not know who is who except my friends. So I don’t know the name of the girl, department or her level in school.”

According to Vanguard, the incident happened at the girl’s hostel near the Presco campus of the university.

The female student, after the incident, took the body of the deceased to his car before proceeding to report the incident to the police. She was arrested and is currently helping the police in the investigation of the incident.

Who knows if the man is even married and left his wife and kids at home to "enjoy" a girl in her hostel? Sad!

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